AXEL BUSSMEYER creative at heart!
fashion and beauty

from Milan to Paris and overseas to New York and Montréal we are shooting on highest level possible to serve your needs...


the more interesting the people, the more impressive are portraits in black and white. everybody welcome!

cars and transportation

great shoots and stunning post production keeping quality where our promise meets the contract...


understanding the concept of outstanding architecture is what makes the difference in the resulting images...

stills, food, beverages

what you enjoy seeing you will love eating and that way our efforts pay back for the profit of our customer...

fine art editions & exhibition

we are proud about our international awarded fine-art edition images starting with "shifting perspective", "red cube series", "dark noise series" and now "homage à Monet"...

going 4 more - X -

leading your imagination and creating new value for your brand!

- X -

looking for the unusual, the one shot to tell a story, a new perspective that kicks your emotions...

current exhibition

PICASSO meets MONET, as my latest fine art image will be exhibited
early December during the Art Basel / Art Week MIAMI
at the Mana Convention Center - Spektrum Miami
located in the famous Wynwood Art District.

what's wrong with fashion?

where is fashion going?
after a century of ruling our daily life cheap, cheaper, cheapest has changed the game.
the amazing stuff the world of fashion has created is now shown in museums and putting its
young leading creators on slippery terrain...

Paris is always good for a surprise...

if you are lucky you will run into one of the most celebrated actors or being held up for some time until the presidential caravan has passed...

Meanwhile sit down, relax and enjoy the comfort in one of the
countless coffee places and bistrots...

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